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Licence Summary

Posted by admin on 20 July 2015

Hi All, as you maybe or may not be aware of new rules when renting any vehicle with your license. You are now required to produce what is called a licence summary up on arrival for your hired vehicle. The way to obtain this licence summary is to go on the DVLA website were they require your driving licence number, national insurance number and post code which find on the bottom of your licence. Enter this details were stated and proceed to the share information; this is where you share the information with your rental company. Here you need to click the create check code which them will appear in big writing in the middle of the screen. Just below that is says, view and print and this will bring your licence summary up and ready to print. If you still have problems doing this please bring your national insurance number with you as well as your licence and our team will proceed with your driving licence summary. Read More

Licence Summary

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