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Licence Summary 21 Days

Hi Everyone, On the 8th June 2015, DVLA had made a change to all UK full licence's. when hiring or renewing your car insurance, you will need to supply either with a licence summary.

The licence summary is now the new counterpart of your licence, this will show all hire companies and insurance companies your Endorsements if any and vehicles you can drive.

To obtain your licence summary, you simple go to DVLA website, put in your driving licence number, national insurance number and postcode on the driving licence.

The licence summary is now valid for up to 21 days, which has made it more flexible for the user to download when there have time to.

If you do have trouble printing the licence summary or unable to do so, make sure you bring the same requirements into Halesowen Self drive and a member of the team will print the necessary licence summary for you.

Here is a link to the DVLA website you will need to gain the licence summary.



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Small Print

  • £250 refundable deposit (payable by credit or debit card)
  • Insurance included
  • VAT included
  • Up to 200 miles per day is included in the hire price, 15p per mile if you go over
  • Van goes out with a quarter of a tank of fuel, van comes back with a quarter of a tank of fuel
  • Please bring your licence, a utility bill and a valid Licence Check Code from the DVLA