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Transit Connect

Small jobs require a small van. we have transit connects for all the small jobs. with a minimum loading space of 5ft lentgh, 4.5ft wide and 4.5ft in height and maximum 6ft length , 4.5ft wide and 5ft hieght . these transit connects would be prefect for you if your looking for a van with this loading space. Starting From £35  

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We seem to be quite busy on that date and don't have your chosen van available.

Please give us a call on 0121 503 0033 and we'll see if we can find a suitable alternate for you.

Small Print

  • £250 refundable deposit (payable by credit or debit card)
  • Insurance included
  • VAT included
  • Up to 200 miles per day is included in the hire price, 15p per mile if you go over
  • Van goes out with a quarter of a tank of fuel, van comes back with a quarter of a tank of fuel
  • Please bring your licence, a utility bill and a valid Licence Check Code from the DVLA